Welcome To The Lucky Horseshoe!

The Lucky Horseshoe Ranch

Hey Ya’ll! Welcome to The Lucky Horseshoe, our little slice of heaven, right here in the Texas Hill Country. We bought our small ranch just a year ago and have been working (all the way from the West Coast) to creatively and carefully build our retirement dream. Although I’m a native Texan and have only been away from the Lone Star State a few years, my husband‘s business keeps us tethered to the West Coast but our hearts are married to the country!

Here at our ranch, affectionately (and officially) branded, The Lucky Horseshoe, we have countless “irons in the fire” keeping us busy! Together, my hubby and I love creating, designing, building and entertaining! Layered in between our big construction projects, you’ll find me sharing design ideas, whippin’ up a little Southern comfort, hosting events and my favorite of all, sharing a little spiritual encouragement on “The Hanky.” So, make yourself at home here at The Lucky Horseshoe while we continue to travel back-and-forth designing and dreaming, one trip at a time!